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Outlook Startup

Are you a high school student?  Are you innovative?

Join Our Webinar

4 days, 2 hours each


Network and Team Up

We will begin introducing the participants to entrepreneurs from successful startups and university professors. After that, we will break out to groups depending on your interests and experience.


Product Research and Market Validation

Have that awesome idea? Utilizing your team, nurture that idea into reality. A crucial part of this process is to ensure there is a demand for your good or service.



You know there is a market for it, now go build it! Create a website, mock up a 3-d model, create anything to introduce your product to the world. 


Present Pitches!

Competition is what drives great products. Put your team's product up against your peers. These pitches will be judged by industry professionals.

What do I create?

Anything, literally, anything you think solves a problem that can be capitalized off of. This is innovation through entrepreneurship. Many problems that are solved today were solved years ago, some can be innovated, some should be innovated. Find a problem and solve it!

What can I learn?


You will learn through an experience

Experience a startup incubator online ran by students who saw a need for one aimed at students.


What it's like to challenge an idea

Ask your peers what they think, ask the proffessionals what they don't know. Learn from everyone.


You will learn how to ask questions to drive insight

Be concise and articulate yourself with a goal in mind to drive the idea further into market.

What can I earn?


Prize from Clerky

Company Lifetime Package from Clerky. Go from idea to company with this $799 package. 


Prize from Bugsee

See video, network and logs that led to bugs and crashes in live apps. $1000 in credits.


Prize from Cloudsploit

Security and configuration scanner for cloud accounts. Each attendee gets 1 standard month free.


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